Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Billing Implanted Durable Medical Equipment

Implanted Durable Medical Equipment & Prosthetic Implants.

Implants must be billed on a separate line using the appropriate HCPCS code.  Many implant items have maximum fees under the OWCP fee schedule and the appropriate HCPCS codes should be used.  If no maximum allowable levels are set by the fee schedule, OWCP will pay acquisition cost for implants when the bill is accompanied by a copy of the original invoice clearly showing invoice cost less applicable discounts.

    Exception:  Intraocular Lenses.

    Intraocular lenses, including new technology lenses, are bundled into the fee for the associated procedure.  Please include the cost of the lens in the charge for the procedure.  It is permissible to include a line on the bill with the HCPCS code for an intraocular lens (e.g., V2630, V2631 and V2632) and its associated cost for information purposes only.

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