Thursday, September 22, 2016

Surgical procedure covered in ASC

 Types of Services Included on the List 

The ASC list of covered surgical procedures is comprised of surgical procedures that CMS determines do not pose a significant safety risk and are not expected to require an overnight stay following the surgical procedure.

Surgical procedures are defined as Category I CPT codes within the surgical range of CPT codes, 10000 through 69999. Also considered to be included within that code range are Level II HCPCS and Category III CPT codes that crosswalk to or are clinically similar to the
Category I CPT codes in the range.

The surgical codes that are included on the ASC list of covered surgical procedures are those that have been determined to pose no significant safety risk to Medicare beneficiaries when furnished in ASCs and that are not expected to require active medical monitoring at midnight of the day on which the surgical procedure is performed (overnight stay).

Procedures that are included on the inpatient list used under Medicare’s hospital outpatient prospective payment system are deemed to pose significant safety risk to beneficiaries in ASCs and are not eligible for designation and coverage as ASC covered surgical procedures. Procedures that can only be reported by using an unlisted Category I CPT code are excluded from consideration because there are no specifically descriptive codes that can be evaluated for safety risk.

Rebundling of CPT Codes 

The general CCI rebundling instructions apply to processing claims from ASC facilities services. In general, if an ASC bills a CPT code that is considered to be part of another more comprehensive code that is also billed for the same beneficiary on the same date of  service, only the more comprehensive code is covered, provided that code is on the list of ASC approved codes.

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