Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Service can be rendered under ASC setting ?

Ambulatory Surgical Center Services on ASC List 

Covered ASC services are those surgical procedures that are identified by CMS on a listing that is updated at least annually. Some surgical procedures covered by Medicare are not on the ASC list of covered surgical procedures. For surgical procedures not covered in ASCs, the related professional services may be billed by the rendering provider as Part B services and the beneficiary is liable for the facility charges, which are non-covered by Medicare.

Under the ASC payment system, Medicare makes facility payments to ASCs only for the specific ASC covered surgical procedures on the ASC list of covered surgical procedures. In addition, Medicare makes separate payment to ASCs for certain covered ancillary services that are provided integral to a covered ASC surgical procedure. All other non-ASC services, such as physician services and prosthetic devices may be covered and separately billable under other provisions of Medicare Part B. The Medicare definition of covered ASC facility services for a covered surgical procedure includes services that would be covered if furnished on an inpatient or outpatient basis in connection with a covered surgical procedure. This includes operating and recovery rooms, patient preparation areas, waiting rooms, and other areas used by the patient or offered for use to patients needing surgical procedures. It includes all services and procedures provided in connection with covered surgical procedures furnished by nurses, technical personnel and others involved in patient care. These do not include physician services or medical and other health services for which payment may be made under other Medicare provisions (e.g., services of an independent laboratory located on the same site as the ASC, anesthetist professional services, non-implantable DME).

ASC services for which payment is included in the ASC payment for a covered surgical procedure under 42CFR416.65 include, but are not limited to-

(a) Included facility services:

(1) Nursing, technician, and related services;

(2) Use of the facility where the surgical procedures are performed;

(3) Any laboratory testing performed under a Clinical Laboratory Improvement  mendments of 1988 (CLIA) certificate of waiver;

(4) Drugs and biologicals for which separate payment is not allowed under the hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS);

(5) Medical and surgical supplies not on pass-through status under Subpart G of Part 419 of 42 CFR;

(6) Equipment;

(7) Surgical dressings;

(8) Implanted prosthetic devices, including intraocular lenses (IOLs), and related accessories
and supplies not on pass-through status under Subpart G of Part 419 of 42 CFR;

(9) Implanted DME and related accessories and supplies not on pass-through status under Subpart G of Part 419of 42 CFR;

(10) Splints and casts and related devices;

(11) Radiology services for which separate payment is not allowed under the OPPS, and other diagnostic tests or interpretive services that are integral to a surgical procedure;

(12) Administrative, recordkeeping and housekeeping items and services;

(13) Materials, including supplies and equipment for the administration and monitoring of anesthesia; and

(14) Supervision of the services of an anesthetist by the operating surgeon.

Under the revised ASC payment system, the above items and services fall within the scope of ASC facility services, and payment for them is packaged into the ASC payment for the covered surgical procedure. ASCs must incorporate charges for packaged services into the charges reported for the separately payable services with which they are provided. Because contractors pay the lesser of 80 percent of actual charges or the ASC payment rate for the separately payable procedure, and because this comparison is made at the claim line-item level, facilities may not be paid appropriately if they unbundle charges and report those charges for packaged codes as separate line-item charges.

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