Monday, June 20, 2016

Workers’ Compensation Unique Codes 99070

FL Workers’ Compensation       FL Workers’ Compensation Unique Description         MRA
Unique Procedure Code

99070 IM                  Surgical Implant(s)        50% above acquisition invoice cost; contract   price or amount certified

99070 DI               Associated Disposable Instrumentation used for Surgical Implant(s); must be included on the same acquisition invoice with the Surgical Implant(s).   20% above acquisition invoice cost; contract price  or amount certified

99070 SH                    Shipping and handling costs for Surgical Implant(s) and Associated Disposable Instrumentation as listed on the acquisition invoice.
 Actual cost on acquisition invoice; contract price or  amount certified

Note: Workers’ Compensation unique codes 99070 with their required modifiers are not subject to the Multiple Surgical Procedure Reimbursement Amounts.

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