Friday, July 9, 2010

Is IOL AND NTIOL services included in ASC billing

�� Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) and New Technology Intraocular Lenses (NTIOLs)

ASC facility services include IOLs and NTIOLs approved by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for insertion during or subsequent to cataract surgery.
FDA has classified IOLs into the following categories, any of which are included:
  •  Anterior chamber angle fixation lenses;
  •  Iris fixation lenses;
  •  Irido-capsular fixation lenses; and
  •  Posterior chamber lenses.
  •  Presbyopia-Correcting (P-C-IOL) (effective May 3, 2005)
  •  Astigmatism-Correcting (A-C IOL) (effective January 22, 2007)
  •  NTIOL Category 3 (expires February 26, 2011)
No separate payment for intraocular lenses (IOLs) is allowed, however, NTIOLS may be
billed separately and an adjustment to the facility payment will be made for those lenses that
are eligible.

�� Nursing Services, Services of Technical Personnel, and Other Related Services

These include all services in connection with covered procedures furnished by nurses and
technical personnel who are employees of the ASC. In addition to the nursing staff, this
category includes orderlies, technical personnel, and others involved in patient care.

�� Use by the Patient of the ASC’s Facilities

This category includes operating and recovery rooms, patient preparation areas, waiting
rooms, and other areas used by the patient or offered for use by the patient’s relatives in
connection with surgical services.

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